Tuesday, September 25, 2007


There is really no recipe, so this will have to do...

Harina de Maiz (tortilla mix, cornmeal flour, I prefer MASECA)
**Mix according to directions on package (USE VERY WARM WATER) and add salt to taste. Dough should not be sticky, but should be a little tacky and not dry. You should be able to form a ball in your hand very easily. If you push it down, the dough shouldn't crack. Once made, cover with a damp clean dish cloth and set aside for about ten minutes.

For filling use shredded mozzarella cheese and/or refried beans. It is easier if you mix the cheese and the beans together first before filling the pupusas. I use canned refried black beans from the mexican aisle (Goya is always a good brand) and those taste almost authentic.

Before you start, make sure you heat either a good size frying pan or skillet to medium high heat (really hot, water should sizzle when dropped but not instantly evaporate).


I do it like an assembly line so it is easier. You will need a small bowl of vegetable or canola oil, your premade MASECA, and your filling. Take a small handful of the MASECA and form into a ball. Use your thumbs to create a little basket from the ball, this is where you will place your filling. Add about a spoonful of filling (depending on the size of your ball and desired pupusa this may vary, you should have enough filling to create a hearty pupusa, but not so much that you can't seal up your basket). Seal up the filling inside your "basket" and then use a little oil on your hands to form the basket back into a slight ball and then into a fat tortilla. Place on the hot skillet/pan and turn when light brown on one side. Cook so that the pupusa is nice and golden brown all over.

Serve warm with "curtido" (coleslaw) and salsa. Add sour cream if you want. ENJOY!

I learned this by watching, so sorry if the recipe is hard to follow. Good luck and Buen Provecho!

Mandy V.

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